When something goes wrong, both the financial fallout and impact on one’s reputation can create a devastating domino effect for large and small businesses alike. That’s why it’s paramount you opt for insurance services from an experienced company that understands the shipping and marine industry inside out. That way, when a disruption occurs, you’ll get the support you need.


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We understand both the critical role of shipping in the global economy and the range of insurance cover needed, as well as the risks posed by different vessels actively working within the sector. This allows us to negotiate better, more cost-effective prices from our underwriters, which we can then pass on to our clients. As a result, we are able to utilise our strategic position as a leading marine insurance provider to make sure your maritime asset is covered by the most appropriate protection, as well as ensuring you are protected from any liabilities or risks that could arise.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, effective insurance cover that exceeds the expectations of our clients. We are  proud to work with every sector in the maritime industry to supply a range of insurance products that meet their operational requirements. Our diverse portfolio of clients ranges from shipowners, ship managers, banks and crewing agents to trade unions, charterers, ship repairers, offshore contractors and shipyards.

Maintaining operational safety and vessel performance depends heavily on the health and wellbeing of your crew. That’s why to help attract and keep the greatest maritime talent, We also provide owners/operators with access to comprehensive benefit packages for crews and their families.

It’s not the towering sail, but the unseen wind that moves the ship