Sea container delivery was the first shipping method used by logistic companies because of its multiple engines.

Is one of the most popular modes of transportation, especially for long distances; Currently it is estimated that 80% of the goods that move in the world have gone through some of the modalities for maritime transport, becoming a support of the global economy.

This method is suitable for those who will import or export large amount of product, looking for the lowest price, being the most used when there is no urgency for transporting the product, as it is the lowest cost alternative, but also the one with the longest time requires


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The main characteristic that distinguishes sea freight or sea cargo transport is its ability to move cargoes of larger dimensions than in other types of freight transport.

Main characteristics of Sea Transport

Transportation is done by cargo containers.
The products are stored inside containers.
The containers are mainly of two dimensions: 20 and 40 feet.
Large storage capacity
Cheaper freight.


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  • Sea transport have the most competitive pricing. If the shipping doesn’t require high speed delivery, sea shipping is the best option for long distances.

  • Cargo Ships are ideal for the transportation of large volumes of merchandise, and in comparison with planes, it allows to transport liquids, gas products and dangerous materials, always with the necessary safety measures.
  • In comparison with land transportation, sea transportation is the less contaminant .It’s just responsable for 12% of the contamination generated by economic activities.

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