This is the fastest way to send & receive shipments no matter where you are located.

The Air freight service is a logistics solution to send merchandise by plane, this being a charter or commercial flight, increasing the possibilities of reach, being able to take merchandise to a large number of destinations to which you could not have Access by other means of transport.

The air shipping alternative is especially useful when the priority is to minimize shipping times, especially for loads that, by their nature, require fast shipping.

This type of shipment allows us to take goods to virtually any part of the world, also offering a high level of security, since the control of goods is carried out in a thorough manner.

It represents a great advantage particularly for small and medium enterprises, since it allows them to trade worldwide effectively.

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We understand that each customer is different, and each merchandise is unique,  therefore we must choose the optimal shipping methods according to your needs.

Although air transport has a notable advantage in speed, it is true that it is expensive, so it is important to assess in which cases it is really necessary to use  this transport.

Here we tell you in which cases air transport is ideal.

Your low-cost shipping solution
  • Urgent cargo

The reasons can be diverse, from the life of the product to the commercial agreements with the buyers, but when your priority is fast and efficient transport, air shipping is the best way to deliver a cargo in the shortest time possible.

  • Luxury goods

Regardless of the size or delivery times, air transport is the best way to transport luxury items, since security controls are rigorous, ensuring that the merchandise is safe.

  • Merchandise destined for inaccessible places

Each shipment depends heavily on the place of delivery and the communications infrastructure it has. If your merchandise must reach a place with difficult access by land or sea, air transport is the best option, thanks to the wide coverage of the existing airport network worldwide.

  • Perishable goods

When you send any type of merchandise with a short period of life, such as food, medicines, sanitary products and even some products for industrial use, air transport is the best option to get them to remote places in the shortest possible time, ensuring that they’re delivered in optimal conditions.


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